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This Actress Has Found an Upside of Alzheimer’s

We’ve seen Sherry Hursey read scripts on shows like “Mary Tyler Moore” and “Home Improvement.” But when she speaks from her heart, it’s something else.

In her talk below from a Contagious Optimism LIVE! event, the TV actress speaks (and sings) about her mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease — and the upside of that.

“I’ve gotten a lot of gifts from my mom in this journey that we’ve been on together,” Hursey says. “And the most important one is how you must see the glass half full.”

Sparking this revelation was her mother’s response to music — even when her memory began to fade, she would remember song lyrics.

“My belief now is that every single thing that we see in life, we can find the upside to — every single thing,” Hursey says, before beginning to sing. “And I thank my mom for that.”

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